Diving Malapascua Island

Building an artificial reef balls in Kokay's Maldito Dive Resort - House Reef.

One of the best thing to do in an archipelago is Scuba Diving. And one of the Philippines most eluded places is an island in the northern tip of Cebu Island called Malapascua.

They say that you can find paradise in the most eluded places you never thought it would be. Traveling to this island will take a little bit of your stored energy. You’ll have to go through road adventure for approximately three hours. Down to the little port in Maya where you can find an outrigger boat to cross the shore if it is low tide. Then, a half an hour ride on another outrigger boat to Bounty Beach shore. That brings you to this tiny, but full of life, island paradise of Malapascua! 🙂

People dubbed this island as the little Boracay of the Philippines. Although much effort is needed to get to this island than going to Aklan in Boracay but rest assured that the sweat is worth every drop.

Malapascua brings you the ultimate diving experience with pelagic thresher sharks, manta rays, and a lot more wonderful underwater species that are rare to find. A wide variety of recreational diving awaits you at Kokay’s Maldito Dive Resort with our diving team – Dive Society Malapascua.

Have a fun-filled diving experience with Kokay’s Maldito Dive Resort!

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