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Dive Society Malapascua – Price List

Rates valid until October 1, 2016. Any conversion to Swiss CHF or Euro will be calculated to the actual rates at the time of payment.

DIVING (commisionable) Rates in USD
Single Dive (Air or Nitrox) 39.00
6 Dives Package (Air or Nitrox) 225.00
12 + 1 Dives Package (Air or Nitrox) 450.00
6 Days Non-limit Diving (Air or Nitrox) 560.00
Additional Day Non-limit Diving 92.00
SPECIAL SERVICES (additional per Dive)
Private Guide 30.00
Private Guide & Boat 35.00
SSI DIVING COURSES (commisionable)
Scuba Skills Update 100.00
Try Scuba 55.00
Try Scuba Diving 84.00
Scuba Diver (3 Theory, 3 pool, 2 Dives) 300.00
Open Water Diver 440.00
Advanced Adventurer 295.00
Package Advanced Adventurer / Enriched Air Diver (EANx) 410.00
Stress & Rescue 400.00
Emergency First Response (EFR) 135.00
Package EFR / Stress & Rescue 490.00
Dive Guide / Dive Master (with Kit and Equipment) 1,050.00
Dive Guide/ Dive Master (with Kit, excluding Equipment) 950.00
Adventure Dive (Theory & 1 Dive) 65.00
Deep Diver (Theory & 3 Dives) 250.00
Enriched Air Diver – EANx (Theory) 180.00
Night Diver (Theory & 2 Dives) 210.00
Perfect Buoyancy (Theory & 2 Dives) 170.00
Shark Diving (Theory only) 140.00
Underwater Photographer (Theory & 2 Dives) 250.00
Waves, Tides & Current Diver (Theory & 2 Dives) 180.00
(non-commisionable, excluded in diving price)
ABC Set (Mask, Snorkel, Fins) 6.00
Computer 7.00
Jacket 8.00
Regulator 8.00
Wetsuit 6.00
Full Equipment 19.00
Digital Photo Camera per day 20.00
Lamp per day / per Night Dive 8.00
Joke (INT-DIN) 1.00
(non-commisionable, excluded in Diving price)
Rates in PESO

Boat Trip to Calanggaman Island, per Person 400.00
Boat Trip to Dona Marilyn Wreck, per Person 400.00
Boat Trip to Dona Marilyn Wreck & Gato combined, per Person 500.00
Boat Trip to Kimud Shoal, per Person 350.00
Boat Trip to Monad Shoal, per Person 250.00
Around the Island 150.00
(non-commisionable, excluded in Diving price)
Calanggaman Island, per Person 500.00
Around Malapascua Island, per Person 250.00
(non-commisionable, excluded in Diving price)
Marine Sanctuary Fee, per day 150.00
Monad Shoal Marine Protection Fund, per day 50.00
Night Dive Fee, applies if there are less than three divers 150.00
Calanggaman Island Entrance Fee 500.00

Downloadable Rates: PDF File

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