This tiny critter is trying to blend in beneath those soft coral formations.

Dive Site: Dakit-Dakit

Diving Classification: Reef
Distance: 5 minutes
Max. Depth: Max. 12 meters
Current: It could be strong
Location Malapascua – South
Difficulty: Open Water Divers


A gentle dive site created by a scattering of small island formations, some below the surface and some above. The site is prone to strong currents, creating a beautiful soft coral garden. Nudibranches, flatworms, pipefishes, and seahorses can be found within the soft corals.

This is an ideal dive for macro enthusiasts and those who need to refresh their diving skills.

Don't get confused, I am a shrimp making my way out of this fern.


Photo Credit: Pascal Kobe
Info Credit: Lanch of Dive Society
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