I may look sad but actually I'm quiet happy in Los Bamboss. Dive with me..

Dive Site: Los Bamboss

Diving Classification: Reef
Distance: 10 minutes
Max. Depth: Max. 10 meters
Current: Usually none
Location Malapascua Northeast
Difficulty: Open Water Divers


A dive site suitable for beginners like Try Scuba Diving and first Open-Water dive of OW Course. This dive site is also best place to held Rescue and Dive Master Courses. The topography is just like Lighthouse dive site since this is continuation of the site. A combination of slopping sandy and coral patches. Patches of staghorn corals is Also visible on this area. Frequent critters are sea snake, nudibranchs of different kinds, group of anemones with their commensal friends, the clown fishes. pipefishes and sea horses are here too. If you are very lucky, a Manta Ray might say ” hi ” to you.



Photo Credit: Pascal Kobeh
Info Credit: Lanch of Dive Society
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