Dive Society Malapascua: 2015 Staff

“Dive Philippines, one of the world’s best diving destinations”

The Dive Society, Malapascua, Cebu, Philippines is one of the best and most knowledgeable ways to visit the various and wonderful diving sites of Malapascua. The dive center is just a few steps away from Kokay’s Maldito Dive Resort around the beautiful Malapascua beach.

Malapascua Island – one of the few places in the whole world to see everyday the wonderful and rare Thresher sharks. Dive Society – Malapascua is an SSI Diamond Dive Center. They offer all courses from beginners to instructors .

Greetings from our 2015 diving staff! Always ready to assess you with your diving needs.

Dive Society Malapascua - 2015 Diving Team

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Barefoot Sandals: The Goodness of Going Bare!

Back in the 60’s and 70’s people don’t wear stilettos, sandals and flip flops too much, other type of shoes are also hard to come by. People walk around barefooted. It’s fun and they love it.

Forget not the earth delights to feel your bare feet..

Today, with all the supermodel magazines where we see models wearing super high heels, elegant and expensive shoes, walking in barefoot is kind of awkward. People will surely look at you when you walk in the mall or public places with no shoes or sandals on. In their minds, you must be some kind of beggar or probably lost.

But life in an unexploited island paradise is different..

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Italian Pizza in Wood Fired Oven

With the utmost desire to give you a wide variety of authentic cuisine, Kokay’s Maldito Dive Resort is now working it’s way to serve you great tasting Italian Pizza made from one of the world’s finest cooking method – the Wood Fired Oven.

A little about history..

Pizza and wood fired oven have been with us since the first light of civilization. Discoveries of both have been made in the excavations of almost every ancient culture, most specifically, Italy. Pizza was born as a poor man’s dish because it only requires simple preparation using the simplest of ingredients, available both now and in ancient times: flour, oil, salt, yeast and a wood fired oven. It was the prosperous arrival of tomato that gave birth to the modern pizza we love today. Then, the historic marriage of tomatoes and mozzarella made it even better.

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Japan's Famous Teppan Table and Teppanyaki Grill

Did you know that Kokay’s Maldito Dive Resort has it own Teppanyaki Grill?

Teppanyaki (鉄板焼き) teppan-yaki) is a style of Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle to cook food. The word teppanyaki is derived from teppan (鉄板), which means iron plate, and yaki (焼き), which means grilled, broiled, or pan-fried.

For Japanese food lovers: Yes, Kokay's Maldito Dive Resort has his own Teppan Grill 鉄板焼き / Table in Malapascua (Thresher Shark's), Logon!
For Japanese food lovers:
Yes, we have our own Teppan Grill / Table!

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Thresher-shark diving, Fun and Sun, Games and Chilling...

If you like to see thresher sharks in Malapascua – you have to get up early in the morning… After successful dives you are already in the late afternoon back on the sunny island of Malapascua. And you got a big benefit: you will have a lot quality time in the afternoon to enjoy (e.g.) the front beach at Kokay’s Maldito Dive Resort, big fun under the sun, Dr. fish SPA, nice soccer games with friends or a billiard at Kokay’s Maldito restaurant…

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