Bugtong Bato

Reef Diving in Bugtong Bato, Malapascua

Dive Site: Bugtong Bato

Diving Classification:Reef / Wall
Distance:10 minutes
Max. Depth:Max. 30 meters
Current:Usually none
Location:Malapascua – North
Difficulty:Open Water Divers


A dive site with a little bit of everything, a gently sloping reef from 8-12 meters leads to a small wall dropping to 20 meters where once more slopping reef continues to 30 meters where a sandy bottom stretches outward.

A wide variety of macro life can be found here including seahorses, frogfishes, and nudibranchs. A great photo dive and a must for any level of diver.

Photo Credit: Pascal Kobe
Info Credit: Lanch of Dive Society
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