Calanggaman Island

Dive Site: Calanggaman Island

Diving Classification:Reef/Wall
Distance:1 hour
Max. Depth:Max. 32 meters
Current:Usually none
LocationPalompon Leyte
Difficulty:Open Water Divers


Calanggaman Island is the picture postcard desert island, actually chosen from over 7,000 islands to grace the cover of Jens Peters – the definitive Philippines Travel Guide. The island itself is just palm trees and a pile of white sand surrounded by crystal clear water and steep walls dropping off into the blue.

Visibility is usually good and fish life is plentiful. Drop down the walls covered in gorgonian coral bushes and sea fans and were inhabited by a wide variety of fish. Look for pelagic out in the blue including sharks, rays, tuna, and barracuda, or unusual fish like clown triggerfish on the wall. As you come back along the top of the wall, look for fields of garden eels and patches of nudibranchs.

You can often find the beautiful mushroom coral pipefish and candy crab as well as the remarkable pygmy seahorse which is currently in residence. Dolphins are often seen on the way back.

Photo Credit: Florian Monn/Pascal Kobe
Info Credit: Lanch of Dive Society
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