East Garden / Ka Osting

Dive Site: East Garden /Ka Osting

Diving Classification:Muck
Distance:15 minutes
Max. Depth:Max. 16 meters
Current:Usually none
LocationMalapascua – Northeast
Difficulty:Open Water Divers


On a mostly sand and rocky area, you will discover hidden squat lobster, porcelain crabs, frogfishes, and an incredible number of nudibranchs. Ka Osting is muck diving at its best where you can find unusual critters such as fire urchins, zebra crabs, dwarf lionfish, and smashing mantis shrimps.

You can also witness some aggressive sea stars in full-speed races for Ka Osting’s unusual species of sea urchins.

Photo Credit: Pascal Kobe
Info Credit: Lanch of Dive Society
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