Kemud Shoal

In the deep blue sea you'll see, this pelagic thresher you'll miss forever.

Dive Site: Kemud Shoal

Diving Classification:Deep Blue
Distance:40 minutes
Max. Depth:Max. 40 meters
Current:Usually none
LocationMalapascua South
Difficulty:Advanced Divers


Kemod Shoal is near Monad Shoal and it’s another seamount with a top part at around 14 to 16 meters and a drop-off that reaches more than 200 meters in depth. Even here it’s possible to see thresher sharks, mantas, and devil rays, but the main attraction of this dive spot is a school of hammerhead sharks that can regularly be seen between December and May, and occasionally through the rest of the year.

The top of the island has a lot of hard coral and many excellent hiding spots for moray eels and frogfishes. The sides are covered in soft coral growth. Many species of shrimps can be found among the corals and several species of usual nudibranchs. The east side is especially interesting for its rock formations and overhangs.

Photo Credit: Pascal Kobe
Info Credit: Lanch of Dive Society
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