Maria’s Point

Find your way to this amazing dive site called, Maria's Point.

Dive Site: Maria’s Point

Diving Classification:Reef
Distance:30 minutes
Max. Depth:Max. 25 meters
Current:Frequent and sometimes strong
LocationMalapascua North
Difficulty:Advanced Open Water Divers


Maria’s point is one of the good dive destinations when you are staying on Malapascua Island. Only accessible by Bangka. This site has an excellent variety of marine life because of the current. The topography of this dive site is a sloping area with huge boulders of rocks, teeming with life because of the colorful soft corals. Frogfishes and nudibranchs are of plenty and made indeed a hub for macro enthusiasts.

Photo Credit: Pascal Kobeh
Info Credit: Lanch of Dive Society
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