Diving Maripipi near Samar, Philippines

Tiny pebbles made up this critter's bed in Maripipi

Dive Site: Maripipi

Diving Classification: Sloping Reef
Distance: 2 hours and 30 minutes
Max. Depth: Max. 30 meters
Current: Usually none
Location Up North of Malapascua Island to Samar.
Difficulty: Open Water Divers


Indeed it is a very far dive site but the journey is worth taking the risk. Maripipi Island is an island forming a steep, perfectly coned mountain. Nearby is an Island of its own called Sambawan. The island is like an illusion of paradise made real. Exceptionally beautiful than Kalanggaman Island. And the diving? it is the best dive site ever dove within Malapascua Island.

Sambawan Island has 2 dive sites we named Toblerone and Rock Road.
Toblerone is famous for its pyramid-like and steep mountain-like rock formations reaching up to 12 meters high. The boulders are teeming with soft corals and gardens of feather stars and the site is plenty of schools of fishes like surgeon fishes, fusiliers, damsel fish, barracuda, and snappers. Macro critters like nudibranchs, frogfishes, shrimps, and crabs are there too.

Rock Road site is a hub for adventurers because, throughout the dive, you will be swimming side by side, beneath and above the huge rocks. Ghostpipes and a lot more kinds of fish greet you here.


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