MV Doña Marilyn


Dive Site: MV Doña Marilyn

Diving Classification: Wreck
Distance: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Max. Depth: Max. 33 meters
Current: It could be strong
Location Malapascua North
Difficulty: Advanced Open Water Divers and above


Donya Marilyn Wreck was used to be a passanger ferry way back 1980 but with an unfortunate fate, it sank on October 23 1988 and became a recent addition to the dive sites in the Philippines in terms of wreck. This ferry is 98 meters long and was en-route from Manila to Tacloban when 130 knot winds and 12 metre waves pounded her to the seabed. The Typhoon responsible was Typhoon Ruby. Now Donya Marilyn is resting in 33 meters of water on her starboard side. Largely intact, saved the inevitable erosion of her decking, her masts are now located at 21 metres running g parallel to the seabed 12 meters below.

There is a very healthy grow of coral on this wreck (a testament to the current which provide nutrients). White tip sharks are reported to sleep on the sandy seabed as well as the marbled blue -spotted ribbontail ray. Keep an eye on the blue because some pelagic might pass by.


Photo Credit: Pascal Kobe
Info Credit: Lanch of Dive Society
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