Diving Pantaw-pantaw will lead you to this colorful critter.

Dive Site: Pantaw-Pantaw

Diving Classification: Reef / Wall
Distance: 15 minutes
Max. Depth: Max. 21 meters
Current: It could be strong
Location: Malapascua – North
Difficulty: Open Water Divers


Pantaw-pantaw is a newly discovered dive site in the island. Jumping from the boat you will find yourself on a platform at 8/10 meters depth, full of colourful soft corals, small shrimps and strange flatworms.

A small wall will bring you until 21 meters depth where you could easily find pigmy seahorses and spanish dancers. While in the sandy bottom you will find crabs, cattlefish and sometimes frogfish.

Frogfish galore in Pantaw-pantaw.


Photo Credit: Pascal Kobe
Info Credit: Lanch of Dive Society
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