Dive Society Malapascua: 2015 Staff

“Dive Philippines, one of the world’s best diving destinations”

The Dive Society, Malapascua, Cebu, Philippines is one of the best and most knowledgeable ways to visit the various and wonderful diving sites of Malapascua. The dive center is just a few steps away from Kokay’s Maldito Dive Resort around the beautiful Malapascua beach.

Malapascua Island – one of the few places in the whole world to see everyday the wonderful and rare Thresher sharks. Dive Society – Malapascua is an SSI Diamond Dive Center. They offer all courses from beginners to instructors .

Greetings from our 2015 diving staff! Always ready to assess you with your diving needs.

Dive Society Malapascua - 2015 Diving Team

Dive Society Malapascua - Base Leader, Lanch

Name Lanch Alimaida
Nickname Lanch, Chin-chin
POSITION Base Leader / Instructor
Started working with Dive Society May 2014
Started Scuba Diving Dec 2013
Started as a Professional Diver April 2014

Lanch is born and raised in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental. Studied BA in Financial Management in Foundation University as a working student. Her greatest desire is to become a marine biologist. When given the opportunity to start a diving career, she shifted her office job to diving. Started working with Dive Society-Dauin/Dumaguete last May 18, 2014 as a Dive Master and gained her 500 dives through dive guiding. Fond in taking guest through muck and macro diving. Became an SSI Openwater Instructor last April 10, 2015 with specialties in:

  • SSI Perfect Buoyancy Instructor
  • SSI Enriched Air Nitrox Instructor
  • SSI Stress and Rescue Instructor

Belief: “If you desire something, believe with all your heart, it will come true and I’m sure of it. Our thought is a very powerful tool in success. If you want something, the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. And when you desire, it is, for sure your passion. Work with it and you’ll travel a very long journey in this world. Share it, never be greedy, look back and be contented.”

Motto: “Life is; Waking up early in the morning and sleeping very late at night, but in between is doing what you love.”


Dive Secretary, Rose

Name Jeany Rose Alabata
Nickname Jean or Rose
POSITION Secretary
Started working with Dive Society Nov. 2014
Started Scuba Diving
Started as a Professional Diver

Jeany was born and raised in Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental. As the eldest of her siblings, she took responsibility and worked in Malapascua Island even if it is far from her family. Studied BA in Hotel and Restaurant Management in a State University College of Mindanao. Very organized and strict when it comes to cleanliness. Skilled in Customer Communications, learned this from attending skills trainings in college. She loves to write articles and read books.

Belief: “Everyone should be treated equally.”

Motto: “When failure takes place, don’t give up, just stand up and fight!”


Dive Master, Jera

Name Jera Bauno
Nickname Jera
POSITION Dive Master
Started working with Dive Society 2011
Started Scuba Diving 2008
Started as a Professional Diver 2011
Born in the nearby island of Carnaza to a fisherman family. Jera, as a kid would join his father to go fishing on their small boat. He moved to Malapascua in 2010, then in 2011 Jera learned how to scuba dive. Jera is a pioneer of Dive Society Malapascua starting as a speedboat captain and a compressor man. Now Jera is of one of two dive masters in his family, his older brother being a dive master working also in Malapascua Island. Jera’s very fond of watching very small underwater creatures like squat lobsters, crinoid shrimps, spider crabs, urchin shrimps, whip coral shrimps, crinoid and coral crabs, and pygmy seahorse. Now with 1000+ dives in the Island, he developed an “eagle-eye” eyesight in findings the juveniles and special critters underwater. Aside from scuba diving, Jera also loves billiards.
Belief: “God is the Creator of the world.”

Motto: “Life is a guided Journey.”


Boat Captain, Alan

Name Alan Pontines
Nickname Alan
POSITION Boat Captain
Started working with Dive Society Feb. 2015
Started Scuba Diving
Started as a Professional Diver

Worked as a boat captain in Bohol for several years and a family oriented man. Preferred to be near his family in Tapilon, Daanbantayan, reason why he stopped his work in Bohol. Gained most of his experience and merit in his previous employer for saving a boat from sinking.Born in Cabilao, Loon, Bohol and was the 1st child of Mr. and Mrs Pontines. If not working as a captain, he preferred to farming on their backyard or do fishing. Married to Carlota Pontines and has 3 children.

Belief: “Life is composed of important feelings; happiness and sadness.”

Motto: “Contentment in life is fulfillment of your duties on Earth.”


Dive Master, Jacky

Name Jayky Magdadaro
Nickname Jayky
POSITION Dive Master
Started working with Dive Society December 2012
Started Scuba Diving December 2012
Started as a Professional Diver 2014
Jayky was born in the northern part of Malapascua Island in a village called Bool. Their family’s main livelihood is fishing. He started working in Dive Society Malapascua in December 2012. Soon after working with Dive Society he learned to scuba dive. From being a Boat Crew/Compressor Man, through his hard work and determination, he has successfully completed his trainings to become a Dive Master.
Chocolate Island has become Jayky’s favorite dive spot for the frogfish, harlequin shrimps, and flamboyant cuttlefish he gets to see in the island. Jayky has a wife and they have two daughters. When not at work Jayky does carpentry and masonry work at home or plays basketball.

Belief: “Life is wonderful. Just live without complications.”

Motto: “Diving is fun, if you’re diving with me.”


Flatboat Captain, Arnedo

Name Arnedo Monzales
Nickname Arnedo
POSITION Boat Crew / Flatboat captain
Started working with Dive Society 2015
Started Scuba Diving
Started as a Professional Diver
Arnedo was born in Gov. Generoso, Davao Oriental and was the 5th child of the family. He was raised in Malapascua but when reached college, he studied Computer Programming in Samar, Leyte. But then, after graduating, he chose to stay in Malapascua for he misses the island life he was used to. Arnedo is very enthusiastic and full of energy, the reason he caught the attention of Aliza, and became his wife. Arnedo has 2 children. When not at work, he stays home to help his wife with household chores.

Belief: “Life is so short, so be happy always.”

Motto: “Live everyday to the fullest!”


Compressor-man, Zaldy

Name Rizalito Monzales
Nickname Zaldy
POSITION Boat Crew, Compressor Man
Started working with Dive Society January 2015
Started Scuba Diving
Started as a Professional Diver
A local of Malapascua Island. Learned swimming when he was only 6 years old. Second child of the family. He was married to Geraline and have a daughter named Dimple. And this coming May, he is excitingly expecting his 2nd child. Zaldy likes basketball.

Belief: “Surviving doesn’t mean staying alive, it means living to your potential.”

Motto: “Your past doesn’t determine your future.”


Boat Crew/Speedboat Captain, Jordan

Name Jordan Orongan
Nickname Jorge
POSITION Boat Crew/Speedboat Captain
Started working with Dive Society January 2015
Started Scuba Diving
Started as a Professional Diver
Jordan is a local of Malapascua Island and was born as the 4th child in the family. He loves the sea so much and learned to swim when he was still 6 years old. A very determined person, with big dreams. One of his dream is to become a boat captain someday. Married to Charisa who just recently delivered their first son last April 10th and named him, Jao Christ. Exceptional worker and a jolly member of the team.

Belief: “You were given this life because you’re strong enough to live it.”

Motto: “Think you can and you will.”

King, our Diving Star
Name King
Nickname King-kong
POSITION Dive shop guard
Started working with Dive Society March 2015
Started Scuba Diving N/A
Started as a Professional Diver N/A

King patiently waits for divers to come back to shore from diving. He loves to cuddle, play and pose during the final photo shoot of the divers before leaving. A loyal companion but hates burglars. He guards the dive shop even in his sleep.

Belief: “Eat, Play, and Love”

Motto: “Handle every stressful situation like a dog. If you can’t eat it or play with it, just pee on it and walk away. :)”

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  1. hey!!!!! just wanted to say thanks for all the dives and help while i was staying in kokays!!! i had a great time!!!!

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