food aid for #YolandaPH victims on Malapascua

Kokay’s Maldito — first aid for the #Malapascua –#YolandaPH victims: food and water!

Thanks to assistance of Kokay’s Maldito management and voluntary donations from guests and friends an immediate help of crisis-torn Malapascuanos could be given in November and December 2013.

For the pictures – please see on our FaceBook page:


We are proud and happy to list our patrons at this place to publish.
Once again a big “thank you” to all donors!

➤ Walter Wanner
➤ Vreni Lüscher/Wanner
➤ Heiri Meier
➤ Thomas Popp
➤ Marino Ballo
➤ René Sedleger
➤ Hans Rudolf Scharpfenecker
➤ Frank und Katja Schäfer
➤ Thorsten Eiche
➤ René Vuilleumier und Noelle Choquard
➤ Elisabeth und Dieter Heckmann
➤ Margrit und Heinz Künzle

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