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Dr. Fish SPA

Not all Malapascua visitors are here for diving and look out for thresher sharks… But a lot of health conscious guests noticed the „Sea Water Skin Benefits“: One of the most important sea water health benefits lies in its ability to heal damaged and irritated skin. Sea water can reduce inflammation and help cure many …

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Karneval on Malapascua 2014

Karneval on Malapascua Far from home – German guests did not want to miss the big carnival party 2014 – Kokay’s Maldito Dive Resort made it possible: Sun, Fun, Thresher Sharks, Karneval* – all under one roof! [* a kind of “Sinulog” – ;-)] Enjoy with Kokay’s Maldito the party:

food aid for #YolandaPH victims on Malapascua

Kokay’s Maldito — first aid for the #Malapascua –#YolandaPH victims: food and water! Thanks to assistance of Kokay’s Maldito management and voluntary donations from guests and friends an immediate help of crisis-torn Malapascuanos could be given in November and December 2013.

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