Articles about the hotel facilities and rooms.

Barefoot Sandals

Back in the 60s and 70s, people don’t wear stilettos, sandals, and flip-flops too much, other types of shoes are also hard to come by. People walk around barefooted. It’s fun and they love it. Forget not the earth delights to feel your bare feet. Today, with all the supermodel magazines where we see models …

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FAQ: what adapter we do need at Kokay’s Maldito Dive Resort?

All Kokay’s Maldito Dive Resort rooms have two pole “round” / “flat” outlets Normal devices (without ground – so the polarized plug – round) can be used without adapter in your rooms. For CH/D/EU 220V plugs no adapter needed. Do you have 3 pin connector (e.g. some LapTop chargers): please bring an adapter from 3 …

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HAPPY to serve you on Malapascua

The green Kokay’s Maldito Dive Resort

After the devastating typhoon Yolanda: a new beginning! For the well-being of our guests: Kokay’s Maldito is greened with many new plants. You are invited to see the green environment (click any Photo

Open Again!

After the devastating typhoon Yolanda we were able complete the reconstruction of Kokay’s Maldito Dive Resort! We are pleased that we were finished with the reconstruction of the resort at the beginning of February! Also the diving center “Malapascua Dive Society” has also to become operational in the normal extent. Getting to Malapascua is also …

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